22 mayo 2015

At last finished: BRDM2-RKhB "The Chemical Brother"

At last I found some spare time, and this old "shelf queen" from Dragon got the treatment it deserved from a long time ago as can be seen HERE and HERE. Even more when the Gulf War 25th Anniversary is coming and some other models from that war are battling around my desk. Now finally finished as a worn, defeated vehicle from 20th Reconnaissance Battalion, Iraqi 3rd Saladin Armoured Division, 1991...

2 comentarios:

Tamás Jávor dijo...

Yupeee! That's a great model my friend! High quality job again!
The red things are really eye-catchers! Very good idea!


Greetings from Hungary


Javier Diesel dijo...

Thank you Tomi!!! Keep'em rolling!