05 junio 2015

Small collaboration with Legend Productions

Last week I had a small packet arriving in the mail, but enclosed was a somewhat big surprise: Legend Productions had just produced a set I suggested to them some months ago. That was a small conversion to update Trumpeter's 1/35th M1078 LMTV kit into the late model now used by US Armed Forces worldwide.

I had been thinking for a while to scratchbuild this late model for myself, and had been gathering pics and info for that. Then I thought maybe the famous korean brand could be interested in producing a set. So exchanged some mails with the great Mr. Lee and I'm very grateful to him as he liked the idea. Playing as advisor I prepared the data and pics needed for the project, and sent these to Legend who then developed the masters. My initial idea was for a basic all-resin set, but Legend went farther as they designed extra parts and nice PE frets to round off the set. So we can enjoy some 20 resin and 57 PE delightful parts, with the superb quality that has set Legend as one of the leading brands around the globe. You can see the end result, M1078 Late Conversion Set LF1303, at their WEBSITE.

If you didn't know the beast, here's the fancy early model:

And here the brute looking late one:

That was not my first time "on the other side of the barrier", but the experience with Legend has been great. Who knows what's next... ;)

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